About Us

Törnquist mfl is a consulting company focusing on strategic management issues within the field of Human Resources. We work with companies and organizations to identify and develop skills in order to ensure long-term productivity.

Törnquist mfl is a team of licensed psychologists, specialized in work and organizational psychology. We make up a network of consultants, all of who have extensive and varied experience within the field of work psychology.

Törnquist mfl offers a wide spectrum of services to develop the individual, the group, and the organization. The tools are deeply rooted in and developed from scientific research and are used to measure development and change to ensure tangible results. Our tools are also applicable internationally. We have continuous dialogue with researchers and experts within the field of work psychology in order to be aware of the latest research within the field.

Our clients are found in the private industry as well as in the public sector. Our offers and services are tailored to the client’s needs.

Törnquist mfl unites psychology with expertise about organizations and companies to help our clients create a more effective organization.